Mentoring Program

We don’t employ young people to coach sport – we coach sport to employ young people.

The Fairplay Sports mentoring program trains and employs adolescents and young adults in the Leichhardt municipality to be sports coaches at our tennis coaching and holiday sports camps.  Fundamentally, the program is about providing opportunities for older kids to develop positive relationships with younger students.  In this relationship, the older students are mentors for the younger students, which benefits both the students and the young coaches.  The students have a positive role-model who they can relate to and admire, and the young coaches develop many skills and values that relate to the responsibility of leadership.

When a student in the mentoring program is 18 years-old, we aim to have helped them to develop the skills and values that will enable them to successfully conduct their own private and adult lessons.  We want them to reach a level with their tennis and coaching where they can confidently coach anywhere in the world.  To help them achieve this goal, we help our young coaches get their Australian Professional Tennis Coaches’ Association Level One Certificate, Senior First Aid Certificate and Working With Children Check