Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fairplay offer trial lessons?

We offer all students new to our program an obligation-free trial lesson.

Does Fairplay offer sibling discounts?

We offer sibling credits at our holiday sports camps. This means you receive a credit at our next holiday sports camp. We also offer credits for students new to our program and for students who introduce new students to our program.

Does Fairplay offer make-up lessons?

We offer a make-up lesson if you miss a lesson for any reason – rain, heat, illness, holiday etc.

What is the best age for my child to start tennis lessons?

There is no ‘best’ age to start tennis. It’s important for the child to have some level of listening skills, so they are able to participate in the lesson, and be keen to learn tennis. The youngest child we have ever coached was two years-old, but he was desperate to play, as he had spent his whole life watching his two older siblings play. We are happy to offer any child that is keen to start tennis a trial lesson.

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